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Dvash (formerly Annabell) 3/7/2010

On July 15, 2009, on my first day of volunteering at the cat shelter, I noticed a little black and white cat with a cute face: Annabelle.  She seemed affectionate and liked to be held.  The second week,  I sensed a mutaul "attraction".  The third week, I discovered she was scheduled to go to Pet Smart in Ithaca to be offered for adoption...well, that wasn't good.  I knew she would be taken very quickly.  So...I immediately said: I'll take her!  And I did.  The next day she came home with me.  I changer her name to Dvash (Hebrew for the food honey) and she truly is a "honey">  She follows me around; loves to hide in cupboards; purrs loudly when cuddled; likes to sit on my lap and even snuggles under the covers.She is a joy!



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Big Dan - 2/13/10

I am delighted to report that Big Dan is acclimating even better than we could have hoped for. He seems very happy and I haven't seen Bob so happy in a while. I know she could see Gromit slipping away and his absence was very hard on her. She is all smiles now, relaxed and herself again. BD is playful and adorably affectionate.

After supper last night we all went into the living room to play and get to know each other. The evening ended with Tim and Bob asleep on the futon and me sitting on the living room floor with BD draped across my lap, snoring. We finally put him to bed in Bob's old crate (we had to give Bob Gromit's). He didn't cry one peep all night (I find this amazing).

This morning he was very happy to see us. He tinkled a little on the floor because he was so excited to se us, but we made it outside for the bulk of his morning pee. He eagerly ate breakfast and he's been playing with us and exploring his new home.

I can't tell you the joy this little boy has already brought us. He's integrated so easily into his "new pack" and we couldn't be happier. Thank you so much to you both for the incredibly good work you do, saving these poor dogs that have been abandoned! I'll be sure to take and send photos so you can see how he does.

Here's hoping that his brother finds a home soon, I can't help feel bad that I've left him alone without his brother. Good luck to him, and all your doggies, in finding permanent and loving homes.

Thanks again,

Laura and Tim, Bob and BIg Dan, and the rest of the menagerie

Ps. BD loves the cats and they don't mind him at all. I am surprised, as any new dog is normally met with hisses -- another good sign. Oh, and BD is fascinated by the geese and the chickens, and a little frightened -- smart boy, because you know how geese can be. Gromit learned the hard way . I am looking forward to showing him the horses :-)

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Saki and SmudgeSaki

I just wanted to check in with you and let you know how Saki is doing in her new home, and I have attached a photo of her and our cat, Smudge.

First off, I want to say "thank you!" again for arranging the adoption and taking the time to ask questions and establish a communication with me - I really appreciate it. And tell Georgie "thanks!" too -- she was very helpful at the PetSmart site and let me take the time to "bond" with Saki.

Saki has turned out to be a great addition to our household. My husband was a bit skeptical at first, but was quickly won over by Saki's affection. Our cat was a bit more put out and it took several days for him to even slightly thaw out. Saki has excellent house habits and loves all of the toys that we have. Whereas Smudge prefers small grey mice, Saki has managed to drag every one of the 30+ toys up from the basement to play with. Now that Smudge has accepted her they play together and run around the house and seem to be pals. It is working out great.

Feel free to use any of this on your "Successes" part of your website, and thanks again for the great work that you do.


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Dear Georgie,

I LOVE my new family!!!!  They play with me, feed me and my new Mommy brushes me too. Thats my favorite. I like it when she opens the big windows, I get to see all the stuff outside, and smell the fresh air and hear things. I'm making friends with Dolly, and Chica. I really think Dolly likes me. We talk to each other. She's pretty too.

I have a BIG house to travel around in. Lots of toys, and my new Mommy and Daddy are here a lot, so I'm not lonely. Mommy has a friend who came over with presents for me!! I never had presents. She brought me toys, treats and a book with pictures of other cats! Wow!

Thank you for taking such good care of me while I was at the shelter.. I almost forgot, last night Daddy came home with big brown bags, and me and Dolly played in them.

My Mommy and Daddy hope to see you at the breakfast, and she hopes to send pictures too.



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A Pile of Cats- Xena Warrior Princess, Schatzie, and Caspar the Friendly Ghost

A pile of catsOur adorable pile of black and white cats always makes us smile. The three of them sleep on their cat bed with their little paws around each other’s necks, gently snoring. I can’t resist stopping to pet them all, which causes them to stretch into cat parentheses and yawn. 

I feel very guilty that we took our former cat, Stoney, out of a box of kittens at the farmers’ market with nary a second thought. She lived for 21 years, bonded mostly to my son, though beloved to all of us. She hated all other cats, and people outside her family. She barely tolerated me.  

A few months after she died, we went to the Schuyler County shelter, which must be the best run in the country. Their fostering system yields happy and house-accustomed animals in good physical condition.  

We intended to get only one cat to replace Stoney. But there were three black and white siblings, and we sat in a room with them as the girl (now Xena Warrior Princess) leaped from one of her brothers to the other, in mock attacks. They were so funny playing together that we had to take all three. Not that we didn’t have second thoughts when we got them home, as they were a bit crazy for a few days, getting adjusted to a new place. We also worried (completely unnecessarily) that one of the boy cats (now Schatzie), who is a tuxedo cat different from the other two black and white “holsteins,” was a bit isolated from his two siblings, not as often part of their silly games. 

We embarked on an experiment: a “love offensive,” petting him and playing especially with him. He began to delight in this attention and is now  eager for affection both from us and his siblings, and is always a part of whatever his sibs are doing. It was a very interesting, and successful experiment. (Made me think that love offensives might work with people as well). 

We used to think that if one got multiple cats they would be so bonded to each other they wouldn’t be as close to us. What a silly idea! Having three cats guarantees that each one of us can have a cat in his or her lap purring or playing whenever we want. My son makes his bed more available to the cats than we do, but really they are equally bonded to their human and feline families.  

What is wonderful is that they play silly games together while we work, and we don’t have to worry when we leave them during the day, or even for short vacations. They always have companions to snuggle up to and play with.  

I’m sure this sibling group is better adjusted and more playful than our single cat was. They even welcome other cats that come to visit, and have a wonderful time frolicking outdoors. They may suddenly panic at a bumblebee or who knows what, and come racing into the house, all in a row. It’s delightful to watch them galloping around, playing football with a catnip mouse, or chasing each other from level to level of their cardboard cat cottage. 

But I especially love to watch them, or lie down to snooze with them, when I see our pile of cats on the couch. It always makes me smile, no matter how stressful the rest of the world may be. 

So, we strongly urge people who like cats to adopt siblings or good friends. The joy they experience with each other radiates to their human companions. It’s three times the fun of a single cat, and little more trouble.  Having multiple cats has taught me lessons about intra- and inter-species love. It isn’t a fixed quantity, but grows stronger as it is passed around. Watching our cats with visiting children also brings home to me how much kids learn about love by interacting with animals.  

In short, getting these three cats has opened up a new world for us. We can’t imagine life without them. 

[Please be advised that we came up with the idea of writing this essay and sending it to the shelter. It was not solicited! We wanted to let others know how wonderful it is to have a "pile" of cats.] 

Elizabeth Sanders
Seth and Richard Bensel,
Human companions of Xena Warrior Princess, Schatzie, and Caspar the Friendly Ghost

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Baxter - formerly Zachary

Baxter when he was first adoptedHi folks.  A year ago in June we adopted Zachary (currently known as Baxter). He was residing at the time at PetSmart.  We were told that he had been found in a dumpster and had many wounds and was malnourished.  It was obvious that his entire back area had been shaved so that his wounds could be treated.  Even though his hair was two different lengths we thought he was handsome and lovable so we brought him home. 

From the moment he came through the door he established Baxter, looking great!himself as "at home".  He is lovable, funny and smart.  We thank you sincerely for the opportunity to make this lovable guy a member of our household. 

The first picture was taken the day he arrived here, the other taken a few months later.  He is thriving!  Thank you. 

Carol H

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