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PepperDressed for the holidays with his mom, dad, little boy and a new baby sister and a new kitty!  Pepper’s dad says he is just THE BEST DOG! He has taken all these changes in stride!











Baruch (formerly Kanook)

Baruch taking a nap

Alumni Kanook (now Baruch ) enjoying a nap after his Thanksgiving dinner.  Baruch has become a true ambassador for this misunderstood breed.  He enjoys missionary work with children and continues to illustrate what wonderful companions pit bulls can be.

Piper (formerly Babe) happy in his new home.  He even has a little red wagon.

Piper riding in his red wagon

Monte is doing really well.  Rides in the car well, eats, plays everything.  "I can't believe this is a shelter cat !"

Caleb with his new familyCaleb just went to his new home. Check out this photo of his drive home.  Everyone looks really happy.

UPDATE: Caleb is doing GREAT!  He and Bob love each other, he took readily to his crate, and is now chewing up a toy squirrel dog toy quite happily.  He sure loves his food and has enjoyed exploring the farm (on leash).  I'll call the Obedience place in Syracuse later today to see when the next series of classes are.  Caleb is such a love -- always smiling and wanting cuddles.  Everyone loves him :-)  He got along really well with Tim's kids.


I just wanted to send an update on the handsome pup as Trooperpromised!! He is such a great dog and just as everyone had told me he really does not care what is going on as long as he can be next to you! He loves all the exercise he is getting as well, my brother even had him at the Ithaca dog park on Saturday, where he made many new friends. Trooper has fit well into a routine and I made the decision to leave him out in the house and he is VERY well behaved and enjoys it quite a bit.

Thank you all again so much for bringing him back to health and allowing me to adopt him, he is the best addition to my life I could ever ask for:) Take care and one of these days we will swing by the shelter for a visit!





We love Jackson! He has settled into the home life quite well and is enjoying the constant attention of our two boys. He even gets along with our cat - who has started sleeping on top of his crate (which he seem to enjoy!).

Jackson has already been to numerous parks, a softball game and a ice cream stand - making friends everywhere he goes. We were surprised to learn that very few people know what a Black and Tan Coonhound is. He has beenmistaken for a bloodhound, doberman pincher and even a beagle.

We've introduced him to the lake on a few occasions and he has discovered a love for swimming! At the end of each day he has been one tired pup!

He made a trip to our family dairy farm to meet the pigs, cows, horses and chickens. The jury is still out on the cows but he really liked the pigs.

Obedience training starts this weekend and we are hoping for great things. With his calm (yes, he is very calm with us!!) and friendly approach to all situations we see the makings of an awesome therapy dog. We are just so pleased and impressed with him.

House training has been going good - just one accident. We've been using an Easy Leader on his walks and pulling hasn't been issue.

We are looking forward to the pictures of Easy. Carl and I have been talking about him quite a bit. Perhaps we'll come visit him in a few weeks.

Warm Regards,

I want to thank you so much for the article in the newsletter! It's fantastic! Zola has come a LONG way in a very short time. She had socialization issues at first, but now she is going out to the local dog parks and making friends. She is learning commands very quickly and she fits in the family perfectly now. She loves to cuddle up with us on the couch and play with her toys. She's great! Thank you so very much for going the extra mile and helping her get to our home and join our family.

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