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In February of this year (2012) we adopted Skipper, a Treeing Walker Coonhound - who we now call Skip. We could not be happier.

He is a bright and loving dog and has acclimated to our other animals very well. Just thought you'd like to include this picture in your album.

Tim and Linda Gorman








Malcolm and Simon were selected as Hill's Pets of the Week on Hill's Fcebook page. 

Malcolm and Simon

"Our newest cats, Malcolm and Simon, are brothers we adopted from a shelter on Valentine's Day. Malcolm is hearing impaired and has hip dysplasia, so he relies a lot on his brother. They both love Science Diet Kitten Original and are the sweetest cats."

Dale in a cat bedDog in a Cat Bed

Dale continues to thrive and brighten our days!  He likes to climb onto our coffee table and curl up in the cat bed.  The silly dog doesn't seem to realize that he's much too big for it!

Last week Dale accompanied us to the drive-up window at the bank for the first time.  Our favorite teller, Yolanda, gave him four nice doggy biscuits!  Dale really enjoyed the attention as well as the treats!  He felt very special--which, of course, he is! 

Linda (& Bill) (& Dale)

Prince with his new friend, Sophie, who is quite the looker

Prince with his new friend Sophie

Maggie, formerly known as Blossom, at the beach


Maggie (formally known to the HSSC as Blossom) just celebrated her one year adoption day with us in her new home in CT.  Maggie has certainly lived up to her “lap dog” status and is doing very well.  Although she does suffer from the usual separation anxiety found with Beagles, she has many friends around the neighborhood and at the local dog park that she enjoys spending time with.  Maggie has also found a love for the ocean and beach and enjoys chasing seagulls, digging in the sand with her nose, or simply chewing on a piece of driftwood.  We are so thankful to the HSSC for finding and caring for Maggie and making the adoption process from out-of-state a rewarding and comfortable process.
- Lissa and Eric

Storm, formerly known as Jax, relaxing in his new home:

Storm relaxing in his new home


After almost a year in the shelter, Blue went home today with his new family, Rose and Paul

Blue goes home


Mocha seems to be very happy.


Mocha and his new buddy

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