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Snowflake and Raindrop

Snowflake and Raindrop

1/5/17 -

We are so thrilled to have found Snowflake and Raindrop. We had such a hole in our hearts after losing our beloved cat this fall at age 18+ years after a long battle with kidney failure. We had not been in the market for kittens at all, until we lost our precious boy. While they may have had a tough start with first being rescued and then the long slow process of healing from ringworm, we feel that the ringworm was meant to be because without it these girls would have long ago been adopted while we were not in the market for new pets and we would never have crossed paths.

Now, our kids have the chance to grow old with them together. They already have so much fun cuddling and playing together. Both kittens clean my boys and pounce and lay with them like they are all litter mates.

My husband and I enjoy long cuddle sessions at night with the girls after the kids are in bed. I brush them and chat with them about my day as I tidy their litterbox and bring them their evening meal.

We can't thank Jackie and The Humane Society of Schuyler County enough. We also are thankful that they were found and brought to safety in the first place. Jackie heard our need for new pets and made a perfect match for us based on the kittens temperament and our family.

We chose kittens at this time because our young children had their hearts broken when our older cat died and we thought kittens would be nice for them to grow old with and we would not have to deal with illness and loss again for a long long time. In general though, adult cats provide just as much love and joy in a calmer package!

I will say though, kittens are hard work. They get into everything! For those looking I to new pets, I would strongly recommend looking into older cats who don't require such "babysitting". We are lucky to be home all day but if not, I would be worried all the time and I am sure we would have already had some kitten accidents!

Already 2017 is off to a wonderful start for us and we can't wait to spend our lives with these little lovies.

The Faben-Wade family


9/21/16 - This is Candy. I adopted her from the Schuyler County ASPCA in July of 2016 and neither one of us has looked back since. Princess Candy (her preferred title) is probably the best cat ever, she has filled the void that I've felt since I lost my Ozzy cat 4 years ago. She's 2 years young and plays harder than most kittens. I have total confidence that she will indeed catch the red dot knee day soon. Thank you all! Fawn and Candy.



Bootsie with her new mom. We are so happy for her and know she'll be spoiled! Thanks to Marjorie for looking beyond the number of candles on her birthday cake to see the lovely wonderful gal Bootsie is. A great start to 2016!


Knuckles (now called Buddy)

Our sweet guy Knuckles (now Buddy) has found his forever home!
Here he is with his new family! He's one very happy guy!

Knuckles leaving for his new home


Pierre and Lucas

Lucas and Pierre

The boys are adjusting well.  Pierre is very curious and follows us around to see whats going on.  He also sits in our laps for a bit at a time to get some petting.  Lucas is still a bit on the scared side but he explores as well and I can sneak in a pet or two when he and Pierre are bumping each other in the head..  They are very good kitties and am happy to have them as part of our family.


Zelda (now called Eliza Doolittle)


Hi Humane Society of Schuyler County!

A little over a week ago, I adopted Zelda (now known as Eliza Doolittle, because she's "my fair lady"). She has brought so much joy and love into my life. Now that she feels comfortable in her new home, her personality is shining through. She loves to have her tummy rubbed, play with her new toys, and stalk birds from the window. She also discovered a new game- playing hide and seek in between the shower curtains. She is sweet and loveable and I'm glad to have her as a part of my family. As I was reading her vet history, I realized that the dog attack that brought her into the Humane Society 3 years ago happened on my birthday (February 15th). Fate or coincidence? Anyway, thank you for taking care of her for the past 3 years so that she could eventually find her forever home with me.

-Andrea and Eliza

Emilio and Frankie

Emilio and Frankie (both FIV+) were adopted together on 12/20/14.  We'd had Emilio since he was a kitten and he has been with us for such a long time and Frankie came to us after his owner died.  Here's a note (and photo) we received from their new family:

We'd like to thank everyone at HSSC for our two wonderful boys, Emilio and Frankie! They are both so sweet and are adjusting well. I'm so glad we found them in time for Christmas since Emilio has provided us with the holiday entertainment and Frankie has endless bedtime cuddles (he shares my pillow while Emilio prefers the foot of the bed so if a foot moves under the covers he can put an end to it!) They are both getting along great with the dogs and kids. They both seem content as can be and so are we, our family is complete

Emilio and Frankie


"Dolly" was adopted on March 21.  Dolly and her new canine companion, Sadie, now chase each other throughout the house.  Kristan, Dolly's new young human, absolutely adores her and she sleeps with him every night.  Dolly and Sadie had their first vet visit together where Dolly weighed in at 5.6 lbs and was declared a healthy girl!


3/24/14 - We just love Max to pieces already. He adjusted right away to living with us, just like he'd always been here. Cheese was pretty indifferent to start, and Whiskey just slightly put out at having a younger, fluffier brother. However, by this point, they both have adjusted well and the three of them now eat peaceably in the same room, play with catnip toys, and chase each other sometimes. We think it's only a matter of time until they snuggle together on the bed.

Max has been absolutely perfect about his litter box and quick to learn about things we don't want him to do, such as scratch the carpet. He loves to snuggle up with or on us when we are reading or sleeping (although he is a bit heavy!), and absolutely adores breakfast and dinner time. He is truly a gentle giant, and has lots of sillyness still, as well as being a super nice kitty. His coat has also gotten very fluffy with brushing, so he's quite the beauty!

Here is a picture from a day or two after we brought him home. You can tell it was a pretty easy adjustment. :)

Thank you for all of your assistance!


Peter Pan (now Rocky)

Peter Pan and Tito

We received the following email the other day:

Wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how Peter Pan (Rocky) is doing. He is such a curious and playful little guy and is getting along beautifully with Tito. They have been inseparable wrestling with one another (all in fun) and are finally starting to relax in each other's company and understand they'll be brothers for the long run. We're still separating them during the day when we're not home but mainly to keep food bowls separate so no one gets sick eating the other's food.

Thanks so much for all you do and helping us to adopt the newest member of our family :-) I've included a nice pic of the boys while holding still for a second...



Just wanted to let you all know that Murphy had a great summer! He has been swimming and boating on the lake, hiking, and to the dog park. He is just a joy and we can't imagine life without him! The biggest problem has been finding a toy he can't destroy in 10 minutes...

I've atached a picture of him on his favorite couch (the only furniture he's allowed on!)

Hope all is well with you.

Bubba (the cat)

Here is a pic of Bubba. I'd say he is adjusting quite nicely :). If I had a video tape of him from last night you would all be able to hear him snore!

Bubba sleeping next to his canine buddy


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