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Nixie Pierre & Lucas Zelda Knuckles  
Max Dolly Peter Pan Bubba Murphy
Malcolm and Simon Dale Prince Maggie (Blossom) Skip  
Storm (Jax) Blue Mocha Piper Baruch Pepper
Monte Caleb Trooper Jackson Peanut
Wally BBK Ranger Bud and Lou Sally and Louise
Saki Fluffy A pile of cats  Baxter


Nixie is shown here on vacation (October 2015) in the Outer Banks! She was adopted so quickly that we didn't even have time to post her on PetFinder or the web site.


Wally: How a foster kitten inspired a new business

WallyAs a foster caretaker for the Humane Society, I often got attached to the kittens in my home, but I knew that I already was at cat capacity so I handed them back in with a heavy heart, praying that they would soon all find new loving homes.

But - then Wally came into my life.  I've always had a special place in my heart for orange cats but had never adopted one.  This boy was SPECIAL!  He loved everyone and had a zest for life that set him apart.  My other 7 cats adored him and put up with his kitten antics so integrating him into the household was sure to be quick and easy. 

I knew that he was never going to leave so I adopted him.  Little did I know that he'd soon end up all over the internet and make friends with people from all over the world.

When I was laid off from my job I had to come up with a new source of income - FAST.  I'd always wanted to open a Bed & Breakfast and here was my chance.  But what to name it?  I finally came up with the Ginger Cat B&B  because I knew that Wally would be the perfect host.

He now gets fan mail from B&B guests from as far away as Spain!

Gita D
August, 2008

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BBK - Boo-Boo Kitten

BBK when she was first brought to HSSCBBK was found all alone in a rainy field with her infected eyes swollen shut.

With time and medical care, this boo-boo kitten (BBK) became an healthy, active playmate and settled in with her foster family. She loved to jump high in the air to catch thrown toys. BBK after getting medical treatment.  She looks great!She raced around the house with the other cats and played with the dogs.

When it was time for her adoption, her foster family missed her very much. BBK now has a loving family of her own and is happy to have found her forever home.BBK ready for adoption
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Ranger when he first arrived at the Schuyler County Humane Society
Ranger is looking good!

Ranger was found on a back road in Burdett. He was very ill with a respiratory infection, had severe cuts all over his body, perhaps from barbed wire, and was infested with fleas and worms. He weighed only 9 pounds.

This is Ranger today, happy and healthy, weighing 16 pounds.

Ranger with his best friend, Frank

Ranger was adopted by his foster family and dearly loves his best friend, Frank.

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Bud and LouBud and Lou

About 3 years ago, we had to euthanize our 14 year old orange polydactyl cat named Cheeto who had developed a brain tumor.  He was a wonderful cat, and was at least part of the reason that my husband and I got together.  He didn’t really like anyone but me, but he immediately became attached to John, and they were best buddies ever after.  It was difficult losing him, and about a year ago we starting thinking about adopting another orange polydactyl kitty.

This past summer, my husband came home from work very excited, and said he thought he found us a new kitty at the Humane Society of Schuyler County. A litter of four orange polydactyl boy kittens had been found in a cardboard box on Connecticut Hill. They were all in foster care, and one was named Cheeto!  We decided that fate had brought us a new kitten and soon after adopted both Cheeto and his brother Frito (who have now been renamed Bud and Lou).

Bud and LiaThey have been great additions to our furry family, and have absolutely fallen in love with our dog Lia (also a Schuyler County alumnus that came to us through Cayuga Dog Rescue).  Thanks for bringing us our new boys!

-Deanna and John S

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TattooTattoo and his new friend

This is a photo of Jack(b&w) and Tattoo hanging in the tree together…he is a very loving cat….Things are great now and they hang together sometimes now….

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Louise and SallySally and Louise

Sally & Louise came into our family in August 2006.  After the sudden death of one cat, we had been looking for a companion for our remaining 18 year old cat Toonces.  We found Sally & Louise at the Humane Society after searching on the PetFinder website.  We weren't all that interested in getting two kittens, but once we saw them and learned that they were best friends, we didn't want to split them up.  We were a little concerned about how Toonces would take to these two youngsters, but it was soon obvious that they would get along just fine.  Although she was old and getting a little frail, she would play with them, and Sally & Louise knew enough to be gentle with their elder.  We had Toonces since she was a kitten, and her death in 2007 at 19 was difficult.      

We are very happy with our decision to adopt both of these cats.  Sally & Louise have been a wonderful addition to our family and they most definitely are "best friends".  Louise is more of a snuggler than Sally, but they can usually be found curled up together somwehere, cleaning each other.      

We hope to have them in our family for many years, and are thankful that the Humane Society rescued them and enabled us to adopt them.

The Neuberger Family
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PeanutPeanut (formerly Precious)

I wanted to update you all on "Precious" adopted in December 2008. I tried to send an email through your website, but my technical skills are pretty limited and it never went through. I got a new camera and computer for Christmas and I finally got my son to show me how to send photos. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that we couldn't be happier with the cat you chose for us to adopt!! We changed her name to Peanut, because she was such a little peanut compared to our other cat. "Precious" just didn't seem to fit her and we couldn't get her to respond to it....for about a week we played with different names, but Peanut kept sticking! She actually responds when we call her name now. She is such a great fit for us that I wanted to thank you again. Georgie did a great job in matching us up with her.

When we got home with Peanut, she made herself right at home. We kept her away from our older cat and slowly introduced them. It took a bit of time for our other cat to adjust to having a new sister, but she's fine with her her now. Peanut held her ground and never backed off which was the key to fitting in. We just love her to death and cannot imagine life without her. She loves to play and we laugh at all her antics every day.

I tell everyone I know that if they ever want to adopt a cat or dog, they should go to your organization because of the great care you take of the animals. It certainly shows in the behavior of the animal once they start living in your home. Anyway, Dan and I cannot thank you enough for our Peanut...!!

Becky W
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